About Us

We are a social impact organisation working towards raising awareness, creating safe spaces and providing counseling support to people with mental health concerns. We believe every story matters and that no struggle is worth belittling.

We curate creative events, workshops, and campaigns to raise awareness. We extend mental and emotional support to those in need through support groups and counseling.

We started back in 2018 and over the last one and half years, we have successfully reached out to 3000+ people through our online and offline initiatives. More than 1000 people shared their stories of struggle through our various platforms.

Founder's Message

We started Dear Mind to reach out to people struggling in silence. We wanted to create a safe space for anyone and everyone and be their listening ear. By far we have managed to do so successfully but we also know that there's a lot more to be done. With an aim to create a stigma free, aware, and a non-judgemental community, we have created this space with utmost compassion and thoughtfulness. We strive to extend mental and emotional support through support groups and e-counseling.

- Sharmishtha Hardas, Founder, Dear Mind